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Aug 2nd, 2021

Twenty — even ten — years ago, most people would have dismissed the idea of buying an engagement ring online. A barrage of anxiety-inducing questions and concerns may have scared brides-to-be away from buying an engagement ring online: What if it looks completely different in person? What if I can’t personalize the design? What if it gets lost in the mail? It’s understandable that some shoppers felt uncomfortable purchasing such a life-changing investment piece online—maybe even you felt that way at some point. No judgment!

But fret not, because these days, buying an engagement ring online can actually be less stressful and time-consuming than trekking from jeweler to jeweler in hopes of finding the one. Our Oui by Jean Dousset collection of lab grown diamond engagement rings is not only expansive but entirely shoppable from the comfort of home. From high-definition images of every handcrafted design to our curated lab grown diamond feed that shows 360-degree views of the GIA-certified lab-created diamonds we offer, the Oui shopping experience is up-close-and-personal. And, when you shop with us, every step of the engagement ring process is personalized — giving you the freedom to choose what matters to you when buying an engagement ring. Here, we’re sharing what to know when buying an engagement ring online.

Shop handcrafted lab grown diamond engagement rings from Oui by Jean Dousset.

Should you shop for engagement rings together?

It’s happened more times than you can imagine: In an honest effort to meet outdated gender expectations, a groom-to-be buys an engagement ring without input from his partner, who was hoping he had picked up on all the little hints they’d been dropping. Alas, he had no clue — and now she’s haunted by an engagement ring she’d never pick herself in a million lifetimes. (You’re probably getting the chills just thinking about it!)

Okay, okay, so we’re being a bit dramatic. But ending up with an engagement ring you’re not in love with is entirely possible — particularly when one partner thinks they’re solely responsible for selecting and buying an engagement ring. The truth is, these days, it’s pretty normal for couples to shop for engagement rings together.. In fact, it’s actually encouraged! The first step in what to know before buying an engagement ring online is taking into account your partner’s preferences!

“The number-one rule I always tell someone shopping for rings is to not improvise when it comes to choosing a diamond’s shape,” says Jean, our Founder and Designer here at Jean Dousset. “In these modern times, an engagement is a conversation that should have many elements. The person who’s going to be wearing the ring knows their personal tastes more than anyone else. So their preferences really need to be front and center of the decision-making process.”

At first, re-approaching buying an engagement ring in an egalitarian fashion might take some getting used to for both parties. But just think about it this way: many same-gender couples have long pursued the engagement ring shopping process without regard for constrictive gender expectations. In the end, keeping an open line of communication is the ideal way to guarantee the engagement ring you end up with is the one you’ve always dreamed of — and when you shop for an engagement ring online, it’s easier than ever to save your favorite designs online and discuss them with your partner, any time, anywhere.

Eloise oval cut solitaire engagement ring, paired with Oui by Jean Dousset wedding bands.

How much should I spend when buying an engagement ring?

It’s a question as old as time: What should my engagement ring budget be? While the answer depends on your unique financial situation, a rule of thumb is you should only spend as much as you and (or) your partner feels comfortable with. After all, your dream engagement ring shouldn’t lead to a financial nightmare. Keep in mind that there’s no “official” rulebook for dictating how much money an engagement ring should cost, so go ahead and let out a sigh of relief — you don’t have to follow that old-school two-to-three three-month’s salary rule. What to know about how much you should spend depends entirely on your unique budget.

To put things into perspective, in 2020, The Knot reported the average engagement ring cost amongst American newlyweds was $5,500, although any bride-to-be’s ideal ring could cost more or less, depending on her style preferences and the type of diamond used in the ring. At Oui, we exclusively use hand-selected, GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds of the highest quality for our designs’ center stones. This means that not only are you getting a lab diamond with all the beautiful properties of a natural diamond, but the diamond you select through our virtual diamond feed is more affordable than a natural diamond. Hence, couples can opt for a diamond with a greater size without compromising on its brilliance, scintillation, and color.

At Oui, our curated diamond feed allows you to select the lab diamond center stone for your engagement ring online, based on your budget and other preferences (such as color and carat weight). However, for those looking specifically for designs with natural diamond center stones, our Jean Dousset bespoke collection has you covered.

Handcrafted lab grown diamond solitaire and three stone engagement rings, exclusively available online.

Can I customize or personalize my engagement ring online?

Good news: You can personalize your engagement ring online just as you could at a jeweler in person. In fact, some couples who shop for engagement ring designs online find they have an even greater opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring when they opt for an online jeweler because the jewelers in their local area may not offer the options they’re looking for.

Every engagement ring design in our Oui collection — from timeless three stone and solitaire silhouettes to our iconic Seamless Halo® designs — can be personalized to your liking with your choice of an 18K precious metal or platinum, along with a complimentary engraving customized with the forever message you chose. Each Oui design also features the Signature Stone® accent that subtly defines all Jean Dousset engagement ring creations. A vivid gemstone of your choice that rests beneath the ring’s center stone, the embellishment (available in six different colored gemstones) is a “hidden” secret between you and your partner.

Additionally, Oui by Jean Dousset offers handy engagement ring online shopping tools for you to get the best sense of your engagement ring online, one of them being our 3D ring viewer. This allows you to view your ring with your personalizations from 360 degrees, pausing over any detail to get a closer look. We also offer a handy on-hand tool where you can select your skin tone to see what your engagement ring would look like in real life.

Aside from personalizing your engagement ring online, in case you’re unsure of what size you wear, we’ll send you a ring sizer. And, if you receive your ring and feel like it’s not the perfect fit, send it back to us within the first six months of your purchase, and we’ll resize it for you — on us.*

Oui uses the highest quality lab grown diamonds available that you can select online from the comfort of home.

How do I know what kinds of diamonds I should consider?

Not all diamonds are created equal — unfortunately, some jewelers present their clients with diamonds that aren’t as beautiful as others. “No matter if you’re shopping for natural or lab diamonds, there are really poor-looking diamonds out there,” says Jean. One way to avoid running into mediocre lab diamonds? Educate yourself on the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight or explore our guide on everything you need to know about lab grown diamonds.

But, for the average shopper, figuring out what to know about the 4Cs may not be enough to discern what to know to identify what is average or excellent. That’s why at Oui, we only offer the best diamonds — from your lab diamond center stone to the natural pavé and side stones surrounding it. “We exclusively work with the upper echelon of diamonds, no matter if they’re natural or lab-created” Jean notes. “So regardless of your budget, you know you’re being presented with the top 1% of diamonds currently available.”

All Oui diamonds are also certified by GIA, the most trusted and only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide.

Oui by Jean Dousset makes online engagement ring shopping stress-free from start to finish.

What if I need help shopping for my engagement ring online?

We get it: No matter how effortless and modernized online shopping can be, questions and concerns naturally arise during the decision-making process. As a luxury jeweler, Jean Dousset recognizes the importance of accessibility — making sure each potential client we work with knows our greatest priority is building and maintaining a relationship with them. Thus, our team of fine jewelry experts is always available to offer their perspective and guidance throughout your ring journey.

From traditional phone calls and iMessage to live chat, email, and even video chat, the ways to contact our customer agents online and offline are plenty and available every step of the way. Once you’ve virtually designed an engagement ring you adore, your purchase is also backed by complimentary, insured shipping and a 14-day return policy.

So sit back, get comfy, and just say Oui to the future of engagement ring shopping.

If you don’t know your size, no need to worry! We’ll help you find your flawless fit with our ring sizer that we will ship directly to you. If you do not see your size available please contact us so we can personally assist you.


Order your own ring sizer.

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Not every statement is meant for all to see. Our personal sentiments make the most beautiful rings even more special.


Exclusive to Jean Dousset designs, the Signature Stone® is a secret “hidden stone” placed under the center stone, visible only to those you choose to share it with.


You can select from a variety of diamonds and gemstones in different colors to see how they would look in your ring.


Choose a precious metal that best suits you. At Oui we use Platinum and 18K Gold; which contains the highest quality, purest form of gold without compromising the durability. With a variety of colors and metal types, there’s a fit for everyone’s style and personality.


If you would like a two-tone precious metal combination for your engagement ring please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. Two-tone combinations include 18k white gold prongs and an 18k rose gold or 18k yellow gold band. Some clients prefer 18k white gold prongs to blend better with the color of the diamond center stone.


18K Rose Gold
If you have a passion for pink, rose gold is a perfect match for your ring that will blush on its own.


18K White Gold
For those looking for a vintage white, our white gold is rhodium plated* to give extra whiteness and scratch protection. Over time the tone of white gold will soften.


18K Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is an ideal fit for those looking for a warmer tone.


For a heavier metal with a white appearance, platinum could be the metal for you. It is also hypoallergenic.


*Rhodium is a liquid plating applied as a final finishing to all of our 18K White Gold and Platinum jewelry. It adds extra brightness + whiteness as well as scratch protection and is also hypoallergenic.

Add a personal sentiment to remember forever with a complimentary engraving on your new Oui by Jean Dousset ring. Choose up to 20 characters that mean something special so you can cherish them forever.


Please note that any piece of jewelry (bands, rings or engagement rings) that is custom engraved is not eligible for return. Please view our FAQ to learn more about our return policy.

Example of Personal Engraving on Wedding Band Example of a personal engraving



Carat weight represents the weight of your diamond center stone. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


We have strict criteria for diamond selection. Every lab grown diamond center stone we source for our Oui engagement rings is hand-selected and GIA graded. 


Learn more about our lab diamonds.

Oui by Jean Dousset Lab Grown Diamonds Carat Weights


Our mission at Oui is to merge outstanding craftsmanship with ideas that put you first—so our pricing reflects an inclusive cost for both a lab grown diamond and its ring setting to simplify your experience.

GIA’s color-grading scale for diamonds is the industry standard. The scale begins with the letter D, representing colorless, and continues with increasing presence of color to the letter Z.  Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


Our lab grown diamond center stones are exclusively colorless to nearly colorless (D-H color on GIA's color-grading scale).


Learn more about our lab diamonds.


The cut of a diamond is what delivers its light and brilliance. The GIA evaluates a diamond's brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry to arrive at a diamond's cut grade. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


Our lab grown diamonds are 'Excellent' cut, the highest cut grading a diamond can receive, and exclusively GIA-certified.


Learn more about our lab diamonds.

All of our sample videos closely match the diamond it represents in color, shape, size, and scale.


Each diamond comes with a unique GIA Certificate. You can click the GIA Certificate link to view the exact specifications and grading of the stone you are viewing.


All of our diamonds are carefully curated within strict aesthetic parameters to ensure that our stones have identical shapes and facets from one diamond to the next.

Every diamond is unique and we hand-select only the most desirable stones. Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


In our diamond feed, we exclusively offer GIA graded VS+ lab grown diamonds.


Learn more about our lab diamonds.


Total carat weight represents the total weight of all the diamonds set within the ring.

Diamond weights are approximate and will range slightly based on your ring size and/or the unique cut and shape of your specific eternity band. We strive to match each stone perfectly.


Total carat weight represents the weight of the (2*) center stones plus the total diamond pavé used within the design.

Diamond pavé weights are approximate and will range slightly based on your ring size and/or the unique cut and shape of your specific center stone.

Each center stone diamond selected for our earrings is unique and hand cut. In order to meet our highest standards of diamond curation, you may receive a center stone diamond that carries a little extra carat weight. Center stones may fluctuate up to .05 carats more. Any fluctuations will always be ABOVE your selected carat weight, never under. For example, if you select .70 carats for your center stone, your stone will be anywhere between .70 to .75 carats.

*all earrings (unless specified) come in a set of two

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