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Jan 21st, 2022

Ah, 2022 has arrived — and with every fresh year comes new resolutions. Whether you’re great at keeping your new-year-new-me goals or struggle to uphold the promises you make for yourself (believe us, we get it), there’s always beauty in turning a new leaf and challenging yourself to experience life differently. Do you vow to take more nature walks to combat work-from-home fatigue? Are you hoping to become a master yogi? Do you want to indulge in self-care Sundays?

When it comes to New Years’ resolutions, the possibilities for self-growth are endless. Equally endless are the ways you can experiment with new interests. For some, that means taking up rock-climbing or tarot card reading; for others, vegan baking or oil painting. Here at Oui by Jean Dousset, though, our favorite way to shake things up is through fashion. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you already consider your own personal style to be a mode of self-expression — no matter if your wardrobe is casual, chic, quirky, or classic. But as jewelry fanatics, we think fashion is more than the clothes you hang in your closet: It’s also the accessories you wear. This year is not only the best time to refresh your jewelry box, but introduce it to where to buy some of our favorite lab grown diamond jewelry pieces that will kick off your nouveau chapitre with a sparkle.

Shop the best lab grown diamond jewelry from Oui by Jean Dousset.

Why choose lab grown diamond jewelry? 

For starters, lab-created diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds (but don’t be mistaken: they’re just as “real” as those that are mined from the earth). Because lab diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds, lab grown diamond jewelry — like the kind we offer here at Oui — is, too. This means you have more opportunities than ever to experiment with your unique style, or achieve a bigger look without breaking the bank. So go ahead and work that bold new eternity band trend you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. Maybe even pay homage to family heirlooms by donning a lab grown diamond creation that emulates the beauty of your loved ones’ timeless treasures. From gift-worthy earrings and necklaces to gorgeous engagement rings and eternity bands, our Oui collection has everything you need to shine bright in 2022 and is your one stop for where to buy the best lab grown diamond jewelry. 


Oui by Jean Dousset lab grown diamond Carlie Stud Earrings.

Carlie Stud Earrings

Bigger is better… sometimes, at least. And when those “sometimes” come around, there’s Carlie, an ultra-luxurious pair of lab grown diamond studs for all your special occasions this year and beyond. Available in a variety of total carat weights (from 2.0 to 5.0 total carats), these timeless round brilliant lab diamond earrings twinkle in an 18K white, yellow, or rose gold setting. Carlie is a glam-yet-classy addition to your anniversary date looks, wedding celebrations, or extra-special birthday soirees, with each pair handcrafted by our master craftspeople for the best lab grown diamond jewelry to love as a timeless piece for years to come.

Zoe Round Brilliant Eternity Band 

Chic, timeless, and oh-so glam, Zoe is the total package. Handcrafted with round brilliant lab grown diamonds, this contemporary eternity band sparkles from all angles with individually selected diamonds to perfectly match each other and crafted in a share-prong setting in your choice of platinum or 18K rose, yellow, or white gold setting. Not only can this silhouette serve as the crowing center of any ring stack, but she dazzles as both a wedding band and everyday essential. Add a touch of diamond brilliance to your weekday vibe by pairing Zoe with your favorite diamond earrings. Personalize your band with complimentary engraving.

Zoe Emerald Eternity Band 

A trend that’s ringing in the new year (pun intended)? Art Deco — which is why our Zoe Emerald Eternity Band is a handcrafted silhouette perfect for fashionistas, trendsetters, and creative queens. If you’ve been struggling with where to buy an eternity band or jewelry investment piece that doesn’t blow your budget, this Zoe Eternity Band is a timeless style with a big look. Whether the style-savvy woman in your life is a loved one or simply yourself, she’ll fall in love with Zoe’s emerald-shaped lab diamonds inspired by the elegance and forward-thinking aesthetics of the timeless Art Deco movement.

Marie Necklace

“Diamond necklaces go out of style,” said no one ever and the best lab grown diamond jewelry is designed to be a timeless heirloom. And that’s why we’re so obsessed with our Marie Necklace — a simple and everlasting diamond necklace design as beautiful as the heart it rests upon. The best lab grown diamond jewelry in our opinion are the pieces you wear and never take off. No matter if you’re gifting Marie to a partner, a daughter, a mother, or a best friend, this Oui silhouette will always represent the love you have for her in style and be sure to delight. Offered in an array of total carat weights (from 1.0 to 2.5) and precious metal settings (18k rose, yellow or white gold), Marie features an exquisite round-brilliant lab diamond surrounded by a natural diamond pavé that’ll make her say oh là là


If you don’t know your size, no need to worry! We’ll help you find your flawless fit with our ring sizer that we will ship directly to you. If you do not see your size available please contact us so we can personally assist you.


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Not every statement is meant for all to see. Our personal sentiments make the most beautiful rings even more special.


Exclusive to Jean Dousset designs, the Signature Stone® is a secret “hidden stone” placed under the center stone, visible only to those you choose to share it with.


You can select from a variety of diamonds and gemstones in different colors to see how they would look in your ring.


Choose a precious metal that best suits you. At Oui we use Platinum and 18K Gold; which contains the highest quality, purest form of gold without compromising the durability. With a variety of colors and metal types, there’s a fit for everyone’s style and personality.


If you would like a two-tone precious metal combination for your engagement ring please reach out to our customer service team for assistance. Two-tone combinations include 18k white gold prongs and an 18k rose gold or 18k yellow gold band. Some clients prefer 18k white gold prongs to blend better with the color of the diamond center stone.


18K Rose Gold
If you have a passion for pink, rose gold is a perfect match for your ring that will blush on its own.


18K White Gold
For those looking for a vintage white, our white gold is rhodium plated* to give extra whiteness and scratch protection. Over time the tone of white gold will soften.


18K Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is an ideal fit for those looking for a warmer tone.


For a heavier metal with a white appearance, platinum could be the metal for you. It is also hypoallergenic.


*Rhodium is a liquid plating applied as a final finishing to all of our 18K White Gold and Platinum jewelry. It adds extra brightness + whiteness as well as scratch protection and is also hypoallergenic.

Add a personal sentiment to remember forever with a complimentary engraving on your new Oui by Jean Dousset ring. Choose up to 20 characters that mean something special so you can cherish them forever.


Please note that any piece of jewelry (bands, rings or engagement rings) that is custom engraved is not eligible for return. Please view our FAQ to learn more about our return policy.

Example of Personal Engraving on Wedding Band Example of a personal engraving



Carat weight represents the weight of your diamond center stone. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


We have strict criteria for diamond selection. Every lab grown diamond center stone we source for our Oui engagement rings is hand-selected and GIA graded. 


Learn more about our lab diamonds.

Oui by Jean Dousset Lab Grown Diamonds Carat Weights


Our mission at Oui is to merge outstanding craftsmanship with ideas that put you first—so our pricing reflects an inclusive cost for both a lab grown diamond and its ring setting to simplify your experience.

GIA’s color-grading scale for diamonds is the industry standard. The scale begins with the letter D, representing colorless, and continues with increasing presence of color to the letter Z.  Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


Our lab grown diamond center stones are exclusively colorless to nearly colorless (D-H color on GIA's color-grading scale).


Learn more about our lab diamonds.


The cut of a diamond is what delivers its light and brilliance. The GIA evaluates a diamond's brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry to arrive at a diamond's cut grade. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


Our lab grown diamonds are 'Excellent' cut, the highest cut grading a diamond can receive, and exclusively GIA-certified.


Learn more about our lab diamonds.

All of our sample videos closely match the diamond it represents in color, shape, size, and scale.


Each diamond comes with a unique GIA Certificate. You can click the GIA Certificate link to view the exact specifications and grading of the stone you are viewing.


All of our diamonds are carefully curated within strict aesthetic parameters to ensure that our stones have identical shapes and facets from one diamond to the next.

Every diamond is unique and we hand-select only the most desirable stones. Clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond. Visit our blog post to learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds.


In our diamond feed, we exclusively offer GIA graded VS+ lab grown diamonds.


Learn more about our lab diamonds.


Total carat weight represents the total weight of all the diamonds set within the ring.

Diamond weights are approximate and will range slightly based on your ring size and/or the unique cut and shape of your specific eternity band. We strive to match each stone perfectly.


Total carat weight represents the weight of the (2*) center stones plus the total diamond pavé used within the design.

Diamond pavé weights are approximate and will range slightly based on your ring size and/or the unique cut and shape of your specific center stone.

Each center stone diamond selected for our earrings is unique and hand cut. In order to meet our highest standards of diamond curation, you may receive a center stone diamond that carries a little extra carat weight. Center stones may fluctuate up to .05 carats more. Any fluctuations will always be ABOVE your selected carat weight, never under. For example, if you select .70 carats for your center stone, your stone will be anywhere between .70 to .75 carats.

*all earrings (unless specified) come in a set of two

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