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our story

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the spirit of Louis Cartier

As the great-great grandson of iconic jeweler Louis Cartier, Jean Dousset was born with an impeccable taste for rare gems, craftsmanship, and artistry. In 1992, his own legacy began at the global epicenter of high jewelry: Place Vendôme in Paris, where he earned a prestigious position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of the Emperor Napoleon. He then worked at luxury jewelers Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels before going off on his own in Los Angeles. After solidifying his credibility, refining his iconic designs and craft, Jean always knew making his creations accessible to a wider clientele was a priority. Enter: Oui by Jean Dousset.

Louis Cartier Photograph | Jean Dousset's Great Grandfather | Oui by Jean Dousset


The birth of Louis Cartier ushered in a new and revolutionary era in the history of luxury jewelry.

Jean Dousset Portrait | Founder of Oui by Jean Dousset


Jean Dousset was born into the famed house of Louis Cartier in Paris, France. The great-great grandson of iconic jeweler Louis Cartier, Dousset inherited the same impeccable taste for fine gems, craftsmanship and artistry.

The Heritage of Jean Dousset | Chaumet Paris


He began his jewelry career at the iconic Place Vendôme in Paris, where he earned a prestigious position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of the Emperor Napoleon.

Boucheron Logo | The Heritage of Jean Dousset


He then pursued an apprenticeship with the renowned French jewelry designer Boucheron. He worked directly for and was mentored by Alain Boucheron, the last family descendant to direct the jewelry house.

Van Cleef & Arpels Logo | The Heritage of Jean Dousset


Dousset then made a pivotal move in his career and joined the revered jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels as the International Director of High Jewelry sales.

The Heritage of Jean Dousset | Jean Dousset


Inspired to write the next chapter in his family’s legacy, Dousset debuted his “Atelier” Jean Dousset Diamonds in Los Angeles as homage to a period when the word “luxury” meant quality, dedication and service.

Eva Longoria Engagement Ring The Heritage of Jean Dousset


Jean Dousset entered the celebrity engagement ring space when he custom designed leading actress Eva Longoria’s ring Haley.

The Heritage of Jean Dousset | Oui by Jean Dousset


After a decade mastering the craft of luxury jewelry, Jean Dousset launched a new collection, Oui, to make the brand accessible to a wider clientele.

from Paris
to los angeles

Jean Dousset learned the craft of designing jewelry and identifying the most desirable, beautiful diamonds in the world from the oldest, brightest jewelry houses in the heart of Paris. After the success of his eponymous line, he invites you to experience the incomparable quality and artisanship in the world of Oui.


a genius

From Paris with Love

Much like his great-great grandfather, Dousset assembled the finest craft and tradesmen the world had to offer. Who else could be trusted to create the three-dimensional beauty that would set his collections apart from the rest of the industrialized status quo?


high society

The birth of a dynasty

With great grandparents who weaved effortlessly in and out of the beautiful tapestry of Parisian life and style, Jean was born into a legacy that embodied adventure, creativity and grace.

Anne Marie Cartier & husband Rene Revillon


jeweler of kings
to king of jewelers

Driven, dedicated and inspired by the world around him, Jean secured his first major position with Chaumet, the official jeweler of Napoleon by the time he was twenty-one.


the legacy

Oui by Jean Dousset

In 2020, Jean opens up the doors for modern day couples to “Just say Oui.” Oui was created to empower you with the freedom of choice. Oui re-imagines the process of finding your perfect diamond in a revolutionary, digital-first platform. Experience jewelry exactly how you want to, with an ultra-curated, innovative journey that delivers the ultimate balance of quality, craftsmanship and essential value.

If you don’t know your size, no need to worry! We’ll help you find your flawless fit with our ring sizer that we will ship directly to you.


Order your own complimentary ring sizer.

Stay tuned for new designs, diamond cuts & more!

Not every statement is meant for all to see. Our personal sentiments make the most beautiful rings even more special.


Exclusive to Jean Dousset designs, The Signature Stone® is a secret “hidden stone” placed under the center stone, visible only to those you choose to share it with.


You can select from a variety of diamonds and gemstones in different colors to see how they would look in your ring.


Choose a precious metal that best suits you. At Oui we use Platinum and 18K Gold; which contains the highest quality, purest form of gold without compromising the durability. With a variety of colors and metal types, there’s a fit for everyone’s style and personality.


18K Rose Gold
If you have a passion for pink, rose gold is a perfect match for your ring that will blush on its own.


18K White Gold
For those looking for a vintage white, our white gold is rhodium plated* to give extra whiteness and scratch protection. Over time the tone of white gold will soften.


18K Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is an ideal fit for those looking for a warmer tone.


For a heavier metal with a white appearance, platinum could be the metal for you. It is also hypoallergenic.


*Rhodium is a liquid plating applied as a final finishing to all of our 18K White Gold and Platinum jewelry. It adds extra brightness + whiteness as well as scratch protection and is also hypoallergenic.

Add a personal sentiment to remember forever with a complimentary engraving on your new Oui by Jean Dousset ring. Choose up to 20 characters that mean something special so you can cherish them forever.


Total carat weight represents the weight of the center stone plus the total diamond pavé and any side stones.


The top number represents the total carat weight (center stone + diamond pavé + side stones) and the number below indicates the carat weight of the diamond center stone alone.


Pavé weights are approximate and will range slightly based on your ring size and the unique cut and shape of your specific center stone.


Every diamond center stone we source for our Oui engagement rings is GIA graded in the I/VS2 category; this unilateral quality determined by Jean Dousset, represents the ideal balance of beauty, quality and value. A GIA certificate is included with every engagement ring. Learn more about our diamond selection process.


We have strict criteria for diamond selection. Each diamond is unique and hand cut. In order to meet our highest standards of diamond curation, you may receive a center stone diamond that carries a little extra carat weight. Center stones may fluctuate up to .05 carats more. Any fluctuations will always be ABOVE your selected carat weight, never under. For example, if you select .70 carats for your center stone, your stone will be anywhere between .70 to .75 carats. This applies to all Oui jewelry that contains a center stone diamond. More to love!


For all engagement rings, your GIA certificate will clearly identify the exact stone weight.


For rings larger than 1 carat, please visit jeandousset.com, to explore our Bespoke Engagement Ring Collection.

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